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Signature Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
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The new Bob Sheppard Signature Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece by MACSAX ® Made from pure hard rubber, this piece is handcrafted to fit Sheppard’s specifications and features a large round chamber with virtually no baffle for a warm lyrical sound that responds evenly across the full range of the horn. Bob Sheppard worked with Eric Falcon, director of mouthpiece design at MACSAX® to create the ultimate sound – warm, yet bold and colorful.
“This new Sheppard model by MACSAX improves on the tradition of vintage Otto Link “Slant Signature” pieces by providing more flexibility and dynamic range. I can push this mouthpiece to the limits or whisper in a ballad. We not only achieved my expectations, we developed a mouthpiece that will enhance the sound for any player” said Bob Sheppard.