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In this jazz saxophone masterclass, saxophonist Bob Sheppard teaches you how to develop melodic phrases, how to apply musical vocabulary in all twelve keys, how to train your ears, and how to develop II-V vocabulary.

Topics Covered: practicing jazz, jazz vocabulary; what to practice; how to make mistakes sound good; intervallic practicing; transposing material between keys; plugging melodic ideas into tunes you already know; combining intervallic shapes; scales and diatonic arpeggios with articulations; using your ears; comparing your performances; developing jazz note inflections; using the bebop scale, diatonic seventh chords, and dominant chord tones.

In this saxophone masterclass, saxophonist Bob Sheppard teaches you how to play in tune without tensing your reed, how to create your musical identity, how to get a big sound out of the horn, how to train your tongue and jaw muscles, and how to choose the right mouthpiece.

Topics Covered: the technical aspects of saxophone sound; creating your musical identity; playing in tune; developing your embouchure; working with just the reed; training your tongue; working on time-feel; differences between mouthpieces; reasons to play music.

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Friday, November 19th, 2010 6:21 PM
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